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What websites do I love the most?

Random Facts

Fact #1

Which browser do you use?

Chrome... I used to be a Firefox girl but now... sadly not.

Fact #2

What is your pet peeve?

No comments in code... it makes me sad because it's much harder to understand it when you inherit it from another person.

Fact #3

First use of HTML?

Way back in 2006... the internet was a very different place back then.

I like building things...

I was once a web designer for a big retailer, but times changed and social media marketing beckoned me.

I still do freelance web design and also do consulting for those who want a website but they're not sure what their needs are. It can be a tricky world, and I tell them what they need (and what they don't need) with as little jargon as possible. I then put the jargon back in and advise the developers.

I find this very fulfilling as I can help those who really need web expertise. I've listed my web related experience below:

  • Good knowledge of XHTML and CSS (hand coded).
  • Strong skills in Flash and Actionscript 3.0 and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Knowledge of usability and accessibility issues.
  • Knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3
If you feel like you need some website help or advice, drop me a line, I'd be happy to talk and hopefully help you.

In the past I've helped Amelia Valentine and SURVIVEMIVA .