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What have you managed in the past?

Random Facts

Fact #1

Favourite Network?

Professionally speaking, Twitter.
Personally speaking, Tumblr

Fact #2

Can I follow you?

Of course you can! But be warned, I am very eclectic on social.

Fact #3

Are you a social media guru?

Hmmm I would say no, even though I work in it everyday! There is always something new around the corner, whilst I know a lot about the subject, I'm very aware that things change'.

Let's be social about this...

Digital Engagement covers a lot of things, but at the heart of my digital marketing experience lies social media and email marketing. Sure I've done web design and Flash, but my core skills lie in design and digital engagement.

Whether is managing advertising campaigns, posting day to day on networks, or building followers/ likes, I think it's safe to say that I've got great experience. I've worked on over 20 brands in my time and each has been in a different industry, on different platforms with different challenges.

I've helped write short and long term strategies and have often worked with a variety of companies who all have different levels of understanding when it comes to social media, from experts to beginners.

I'm also active on loads of social media platforms myself, I'm always signing up for the new betas, having a play around before they've even really gotten started... So here is the really fun part, here is a list of every single platform I've used: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, DeviantArt, Pinterest, TheFancy, Quora, Reddit, Digg, YouTube, MySpace, Bebo, Instagram and finally Pixiv.