| digital engagement consultant and web designer
About Sarah

Random Facts

Fact #1

Which hand do you write with?

I'm left handed.

Fact #2

Least Favourite Food?

Sweetcorn is vile... Also beans don't agree with me...

Fact #3

What is your favourite song?

It's very difficult to choose, but I often say Track of Words when I am in a pensive mood, CORE PRIDE when I'm in a head-banging mood. My favourite song depends on how I feel.

Why hello there!

I am digital professional with irons in a few fires. I like designing graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm also quite happy to develop websites, emails (with HTML and CSS, with the odd bit of Javascript) and I also like using Flash (I work in AS3).

I'm rather keen on being social online, I'm active on a variety of newtorks, some general and some drawing specific. I'm very interested in user habits and what makes people excited online!

Other facts about me are as follows, I am originally from a place called 'Oldham', I graduated from Leeds University with a 2:1 in New Media, I love Japan and am learning the language. I also parle a bit of Francais... enough to get by anyway. Also, I play the guitar and have a grade 6 in the Electronic Keyboard (meaning I also dabble in Organ and Piano too). I love playing video games!

To close off, as you might have gathered previously, I'm rather partial to drawing and making comics (ironically not in illustrator, I use a tool called PaintToolSai... it's a Japanese illustration programme that works really well with a graphic tablet... especially for free form bits and pieces.